Yom Shlishi, 9 Tishri 5779






“My House Shall be Called a House of Prayer For All Peoples”


To provide a spiritual,

cultural and educational environment inspired by the highest Reform Jewish values.

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Religious School Committee


Mission Statement

Ohef Sholom Temple Religious School is committed to raising Reform Jews whose identity is firmly grounded in Torah and Jewish texts and connected to Israel, our history, culture, language and traditions.


Membership Committee

We welcome, integrate, and connect members with one another. 
We engage Temple congregants at all life stages through programs, events, and personal relationships.

Mission Statement

The Membership Committee's mission is build a welcoming and inclusive community amongst congregants at OST to enhance their experience and build our temple family. 


Communications Committee

We work to enhance the Temple’s presence across multiple media platforms (Facebook, website, weekly e-newsletter, monthly bulletin and local press, Pinterest, Instagram).


Mission Statement

The Communications Committee of Ohef Sholom Temple exists to share news and messages and cover events on behalf of the Temple and then share these with the greater community (both Jewish and secular). It strives to present consistent and updated messages as the spokespersons of this institution, acting as the Public Relations arm of Ohef Sholom.


Fine Arts Committee


Mission Statement

To maintain, preserve and enhance the appearance of Ohef Sholom Temple’s proposed and existing artwork, permanent donor recognition, interior design and furnishings.


Green Initiative

coming soon