Yom Shlishi, 9 Tishri 5779






“My House Shall be Called a House of Prayer For All Peoples”


To provide a spiritual,

cultural and educational environment inspired by the highest Reform Jewish values.

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Long Range Planning

The Long-Range Planning Committee gathers each Committee's budget and five-year plan to develop a new blueprint of Ohef Sholom's long range plans.


The Worship Committee responds to the worship needs of congregants by continuing to work with the clergy to develop creative, meaningful religious and spiritual Sabbath and holiday services.

Worship Committee Mission Statement:

To sustain Ohef Sholom Temple as “A House of Prayer for all People” by working with the clergy to develop creative, meaningful, and spiritual Sabbath and holiday services which enhance the worship experience while being responsive to the needs of our congregants.

Committee Activities Include the Following:

  • Offering support to the Rabbi and Cantor at their request
  • Upholding the Rabbi and Cantor's freedom of the pulpit
  • Considering the selection and use of prayer books for Shabbat and High Holy Day (HHD) services
  • Offering creative suggestions for services
  • Seeking ways to increase attendance at services
  • Reviewing logistics of Shabbat and HHD services such as ushering, children's services, and signage
  • Reviewing the timing of worship services
  • Recommending and providing for special services such as Women of Reform Judaism, Men's Club, and pulpit exchanges
  • Considering other matters in conjunction with Reform Judaism practices as they may affect the worship experience.


Members consist of a Chairperson and Co-chair and at least five additional members, preferably representing the broad spectrum of our congregation. The Rabbi and the Cantor are members of the Committee and the Committee's primary resource.


Meetings are held as needed, usually bi-monthly with additional meetings held to aid the clergy and the office to prepare for the HHDs.

Current Committee Membership

Margaret Sawyer, Chair
Bert Newfield, Co-Chair and Recording Secretary

Harvey Aftel
Lori Galbraith
Mark Hecht
Susan Hirschbiel
David Katz
Rachelle Luna
Sandy Forté-Nickenig
David Metzger
Kristin Partington
Ronni Schatz
Betty Sacks
Lou Sherman
Linda Spindel

Ohef Sholom Foundation

The Foundation Committee helps ensure the Temple's long-term financial viability by maintaining an endowment fund to help the Temple meet needs outside the annual operating budget.

Religious School

The Religious School Committee works closely with the clergy, School Director, and Educator to oversee curriculum development, educational resources, and programming for both Hebrew and Religious Schools, our OSTY youth group, and Kids & Kiddush. It encourages members, current and new, to enroll their children in our Religious School.


The Music Committee works in conjunction with the Rabbi, Cantor and Music Director to maintain the high quality of music for Ohef Sholom at all services (including the High Holy Days). This Committee also develops and hosts special Music Programs.