Yom Sheini, 13 Heshvan 5779






“My House Shall be Called a House of Prayer For All Peoples”


To provide a spiritual,

cultural and educational environment inspired by the highest Reform Jewish values.

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Prime Time

What is Prime Time?

"Prime Time" used to refer to the magical Friday evening hours when there was the largest viewing audience for TV ads. At OST, "Prime Time" means let's go out to dinner! Once a month, usually the 3rd Friday after Shabbat services, select from nearby restaurants to enjoy each other's company. 
In case you're wondering, Prime Time does NOT refer to anyone's age! It's a chance to chat without responsibilities (except to pay for your own dinner). We catch up with long-time friends and meet new members of our Temple family. 
Everyone is welcome, but it REALLY helps if you make your call the office or message Shelley Stephens (shelley@ohefsholom.org) how many seats you want reserved. Here's why: "Prime Time" went to A.W. Shucks July 20. 15 spots were reserved, and A.W. Shucks bravely accommodated 27 of us arriving all at once AND still served each table so no one was kept waiting.Their fresh seafood was delicious, the conversations were a pleasure, and we ranged in age, I'm guessing, from 30ish to 70ish...who cares! 
 PrimeTime Sept20172
So plan ahead and give Shelley your reservation. 
See you there!
By the way, do you have a favorite spot you think would work for us? I always appreciate suggestions! 
Bon appetit!
Abbey Pachter