OST Board & Foundation

The Board of Directors has the responsibility for the general management of the affairs of the Congregation and is comprised of the four elected Temple Officers, 21 elected Directors, the Chair-Persons of the four standing committees, all Past Presidents and Honorary Directors and the Presidents of the Men’s Club, Sisterhood, and Ohef Sholom Foundation. All policy, financial, and administrative decisions are made in accordance with the Temple’s Constitution and By-Laws. To address the Board, an item may be added to the meeting agenda by contacting the Temple President or Temple Administrator at least one week prior to the meeting.


Board Headshots_2021_John Cooper

John Cooper

Board Headshots_2021_Sharon Nusbaum

First Vice President  
Sharon Nusbaum

Board Headshots_2021_Barb Gelb

Second Vice President  
Barb Gelb

Board Headshots_2021_Mike Jaffe

Mike Jaffe

Board Headshots_2021_Steve Kocen

Steve Kocen

Board Headshots_2021_Lawrence Steingold

Lawrence Steingold

Board of Directors

Carol Brum
Frank Campion
Barbara Dudley
Matthew Fine
Tammi Foer
Byron Harrell
Deb Higgins

David Hirschler, II
Robert Levinson
Amy Metzger
Alyson Morrissey
Dr. Bert Newfield
Paula Russel
Margaret Sawyer

Neal Schulwolf
Frank Scott
Leslie Shroyer
Tom Snyder
Eliot Weinstein
Valeria Williamson

Board Links & Templates

Honorary Directors

Thomas Bachman
Terri Budman
Allan Donn
Morris Fine
Sandra Forte-Nickenig
Jay M. Friedman

Leslie Friedman
Mark Friedman
Mark Hecht
Andrew C. Kline
Steve Kocen
Jay Legum

Dr. Rachelle Luna
Robin Mancoll
Dr. David Metzger
Alyssa Muhlendorf
Alex Pincus
Dr. Meredith Rose

June Saks
Miriam Seeherman
The Honorable Louis Sherman
Louis D. Snyder

Past Presidents

Terri Budman
Minette Cooper
Karen Fine
Kim Simon Fink
Linda Fox-Jarvis

Robert C. Goodman, Jr.
Steven Kayer
Edward G. Kaufman
Howard L. Kesser

Edward A. Kramer
Cathi M. Laderberg
Charles S. Nusbaum
William L. Nusbaum

Dr. Robert M. Rubin
Henry M. Schwan
Linda Spindel
Alan D. Stein

Ohef Sholom Foundation Board of Directors

Matthew Fine, President
Gene Ross, Vice President
William Nusbaum, Secretary
Jay Friedman, Treasurer

Meril Amdurksy
Michael Blachman
Morris Fine
Kim Simon Fink
Leslie Friedman

Izaak Glasser
Jane Klein Goldman
Edward G. Kaufman
Steve Kayer
Howard L. Kesser

Bruce Longman
Alyssa Muhlendorf
Jonathan Muhlendorf
Norbert (Bert) Newfield
Andrew Nusbaum

June Saks
James Schloss
Alan Stein
Lawrence Steingold

Temple Officers (Ex-Officio):
Terri Denison Budman, OST President
John Cooper, OST Vice President
Mike Jaffe, OST Treasurer
Barbara Dudley, Secretary
Charlie Nusbaum, OST Member-at-Large

Honorary Director
Arthur Diamonstein