Join our Family

We Welcome Jews by Birth, Jews by Choice, and Jews at Heart. ❤️

As a thriving Reform congregation in Hampton Roads, our Temple embodies the ritual warmth and ceremonial beauty of Jewish tradition while creating a community for those of all religious backgrounds, races and sexual orientations. Our Temple also serves as a center for worship, Life-Cycle events, education, social engagement and as a safe meeting space for congregants of all ages.

Benefits of Temple Membership

  • Inspiring Spiritual Worship Services
  • Being Part of an open and inclusive Temple Family that truly cares for and enjoys each other
  • Availability of Rabbis and Cantor for Life-Cycle events
  • The Monthly Temple pOST Bulletin – available online or by mail
  • Notification of Yahrzeits for Loved Ones
  • Creative & Outstanding Adult Programming
  • Beautiful Music and Musical Programming with a volunteer choir open to all
  • High Holy Day Tickets
  • Outstanding Opportunities for Family Jewish Learning
  • Social activities for all ages – singles, young couples, young families, baby boomers and seniors
  • Many volunteer opportunities both within the Temple walls, as well as outside, giving back to the community and participating in Tikkun Olam
  • One of the best Religious Schools in Southeastern Virginia offering many avenues for your children to learn about and embrace their Jewish identity.
  • Ohef Sholom Temple Youth Groups (OSTY & JOSTY)

Still Have Questions About Becoming a Member?

For more information on the benefits, costs and privileges of becoming a member at Ohef Sholom Temple, to make an appointment for a tour of our beautiful facility, and/or to meet our clergy and staff, please contact Nina Kruger at (757) 625-4295 ext 110 or, or submit a membership inquiry to us online and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Need Financial Assistance Becoming A Member?

In the spirit of our mission statement as “A House of Prayer for All Peoples,” OST’s policy is to not refuse membership because of financial inability to pay the full membership contribution. All dues adjustment requests are held in strict confidence, and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Members who believe they qualify for a financial reduction should submit a Dues Adjustment Application online or by mail to the Temple office.


We are extremely grateful to our Pillars of the Temple,
who voluntarily pay above-standard membership dues,
enabling us to honor our mission of being
“A House of Prayer for All Peoples,”
regardless of financial ability.

Guardians of the Temple

Matthew & Karen Fine
Andrew & Kim Fink
Alan & Susan Nordlinger

Keepers of the Flame

Nancy Jacobson
Linda H. Kaufman
Edward & Anne Kramer
Edward & Ruth Legum

Protectors of the Torah

John & Monica Cooper
Robert Liverman
Gene & Sharon Ross
Jim & Sarah Schloss
Matthew & Giselle Weinstein

Defenders of the Ark

Anonymous (5)
Allan & Carol Brum
Allan & Susan Donn
Barbara Dudley
Marty & Susan Einhorn
Andrew & Barbara Fine
Morris & Janyth Fine
Donald & Jeanette Friedman
Jane Klein Goldman & Ron Dyer
Paul & Susan Hirschbiel

Nathan & Beth Jaffe
Bruce Longman
Julius & Jeanne Miller
Bert & Sarah Newfield
Bill & Sharon Nusbaum
Meredith & Cindy Rose
Kurt & Rose Rosenbach
Bob & Judy Rubin
Louis & Caroline Snyder
Ron & Linda Spindel
Lawrence Steingold
Paul & Barbara Walker

Cornerstones of the Temple

Anonymous (12)
Ben & Candace Altschul
Blair & Lawrence Belkin
Michael & Paula Blachman
Robert & Marjorie Brotman
Vincent & Teresa Canepa
Edward & Anna Marie Cross
Glenn & Esther Diskin
Marshall & Suzanne Feldman
Bruce & Jeannie Frieden
Jack & Jodie Frieden
Lenny & Jane Frieden
Scott & Lori Galbraith
Matthew & Cynthia Galumbeck
Zack & Barbara Glasser
Donald & Kay Goldberg
Robert & Martha Goodman
Stephan & Marynell Gordon
Bill & Barbara Hearst
David & Carol Hirschler
Judy Jaffe
Stuart & Cynthia Katz
Barry & Patricia Kayer
Steven & Marilyn Kayer
Jeff & Bonnie Laibstain
Linda Laibstain
Robert & Carol Laibstain
Jeffrey & Shelley Loeb
Martin & Sandra Mendelsohn
David & Alicia Metzger
Jon & Alyssa Muhlendorf
Ken & Diane Muhlendorf
Ann Nusbaum
Charlie & Nancy Nusbaum
Robert Pariser
Jerome & Pansy Perlman
Steven & Sharon Perlman
Warren & Karen Sachs
Irwin & Betty Sacks
Bo & June Saks
Joashua & Elaine Schulman
Bob & Miriam Seeherman
Louis P. & Caroline Snyder
Leah Waitzer
Jack & Norma Young

Young Lions

Callah & Brandon Terkletaub