Mitzvah Project Spotlight

Mitzvah Project-
Art and Animals

In honor of my Bar Mitzvah, I chose to support the Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  The Virginia Beach SPCA’s mission is to eliminate animal suffering and increase human compassion.  I am a huge animal lover with aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. I also love creating art.  So I decided to combine two of my favorites, art and animals.  I created 4 unique and colorful designs and printed them on notecards.  For a donation to the VBSPCA, I delivered the notecards.  I raised over $2,700 for the VBSPCA and gifted over 800 cards.  Thank you to my family, friends, and community for your support.  The animals express their gratitude too!

-Brayden Harrell


Mitzvah Project-
Childhood Cancer

 In honor of his upcoming Bar Mitzvah, Logan has created a mitzvah (good deed) project to honor those struggling with childhood cancer. Cancer has touched Logan’s life multiple times, including the death of his friend Benjamin Goldberg in 2016 and more recently the diagnosis of his Sunday school classmate and friend, Sam Sachs. As a member of the Benjamin Goldberg Junior Advisory Board, Logan has learned about so many things that can help families keep their spirits up while going through cancer treatment. Items such as board games, music, and books help families share good times and can boost morale while helping pass the time. Logan’s family loves to play games, so when it was time to create his mitzvah project, he knew just what he wanted to do – collect board games to be donated to CHKD and other facilities in our area supporting childhood cancer patients.

-Logan Smith