Our Values

We of Ohef Sholom: Who Are “We” Exactly?

Bulletin Artwork-01_Worship

We Are A House of Prayer For All Peoples

We welcome:
  • Jewish people of every age, couples and families, who represent all forms of Jewish practice.
  • Interfaith relationships and other religious beliefs.
  • Those with special needs and members of the LGBTQ communities.
We conduct:
  • Our affairs with respect, loving-kindness, openness and honesty.
  • Financial operations in a responsible and sustainable way.
We Believe:
  • All people are created in the image of God.
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We Strive to Better Our World

We practice our religion through:
  • Weaving Jewish spirituality into our acts of caring.
  • Improving ourselves, our relationships, our communities and beyond.
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We Connect With Our Community

We engage in outreach to:
  • Share our faith and values with Jewish and non-Jewish communities.
  • Celebrate what we all have in common.
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We Are Proud of Our Heritage

We express our pride through:
  • Preserving our Temple and its long history as a house of Reform Jewish continuity.
  • Uplifting worship, soulful music and engaging programming.
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We Encourage Jewish Learning

We provide programs for all ages to:
  • Study Torah and Jewish texts to guide each person’s spiritual journey.
  • Engage in lifelong learning.
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We Are Committed to Israel

We strengthen our ties through:
  • Learning about our religious, historical, and cultural connections.
  • Countering anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda through education, communication, and travel.