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175th Anniversary Campaign

Be An Investor In Our Jewish Tomorrow

Together we can maintain our vibrant Jewish community and secure our OST future.

At $17.50

100% Goes
Towards Our

Individual, Family & Multi-generational Opportunities

Our 175th Anniversary Campaign Goals

Gifts & Pledges



100 LIFE & LEGACY Gifts:

67 (To-Date)


So What Will Your Pledges Be Used FoR?

Sustain Jewish Life – $5,000,000+
– GOAL: 100 endowment gifts to ensure a vibrant Jewish life for future generations

Honor Our Past – $1,000,000
– Update the OST campus
– Acquire live streaming technology
– Promote Life Cycle events
– Preserve our history and archives

Embrace Change – $500,000
– Ensure membership for everyone
– Engage new generations
– Shabbat dinners, music programs, and Jewish holiday celebrations
– New High Holy Day prayer books

Live Our Jewish Values – $250,000

– Through worship, education, and celebration
– Support of the ill and bereaved
– “Tikkun Olam” initiatives such as food drives, NEST, Soup Kitchen, etc.
Celebrate Israel through educational trips and visiting scholars

175th Campaign Advisory Team

John Cooper
Karen Fine, Campaign Co-Chair
Karen Gershman
Linda Peck
Rachel Nusbaum

Kenda Council
Matthew Fine, Co-Chair
David Hirschler
Robyn Weiner
Barbara Dudley

Marty Einhorn
Lawrence Steingold
Amy Weinstein
Margaret Sawyer

Honorary Campaign Cabinet

Charlie Nusbaum, Campaign Co-Chair
Robert C. Goodman, Jr.
Ted Kaufman

Eddie Kramer
Kurt Rosenbach
Leslie Friedman

Rabbi Rosalin Mandelberg
Cantor Jennifer Rueben
Terri Denison Budman

Thank You to Those Who Have Donated

Harold Anten
The Arluk Family
Gail & Tom Bachman
Gail S. & Bill Berger
(In Memory of our parents Maxine & Les Berger and
Fannie & Jacob Saunders and sister Gail Carol Berger)
Jennifer Bern-Vogel
Carole Berstein
The Beskin Family
Paula & Michael Blachman
Allison Bough, SparkNonprofit LLC
Carol & Allan Brum
Terri & Steve Budman
Alice Buxbaum
(In Memory of Mike Cohen & Bob Seeherman)
Beth & Frank Campion
(In Memory of Ed Alster & 
In Honor of Our Children)
Jeffrey Chernitzer
(In Memory of Mike Cohen)
Clarke White Hill Enterprises
(In Memory of Mike Cohen)
Susan & Andrew Cohen
(In Memory of Bob Seeherman)
Lois Cohn
(In Honor of Jay Legum)
Minette & Charles Cooper
Monica & John Cooper
Charlotte Cooper Corey
Kenda & Michael Council
The Dalis Foundation
Susan & Allan Donn
Barbara Dudley
Bruce Ebert
James Eilberg
(In Memory of Mike Cohen)
Gerald Einhorn
(In Memory of  Lillian Einhorn)
Susan & Marty Einhorn
The Elson Family Fund
Sheila & Richard Emanuel
Diane Epplein
Nancy C. Eyler
Suzanne & Marshall Feldman
The Fine Family
Kim & Andrew Fink
The Foer Family
Sandy Forte-Nickenig & Pete Nickenig
Linda Fox-Jarvis & David Jarvis
Beverly & Jack Fox
Alan Frieden
(In Memory of Mike Cohen)
Jodie & Jack Frieden
Jane & Lenny Frieden
Jeanette & Donald Friedman
Inger & Brian Friedman
(In Memory of Harry Pincus, Jr. & Esther D. Pincus)
Fannie, Milton, and Leslie Friedman Family Foundation
Debbie & Mark Friedman
Cheryl Furlong
(In Memory of Mike Cohen)

Barb Gelb & Kenny Weinstein
Karen Gershman
Barbara & Izaak Glasser
Kay & Don Goldberg
Jane Klein Goldman
Dr. Stephen Goldstein & Ms. Marsha Chenman
Martha & Robert Goodman
Marynell & Stephan Gordon
Joyce & Harry Graber
Janet Green & The Honorable William P. Williams
Barbara & Bill Hearst
Nancy & Phil Helman
Dr. & Mrs. David S. Hirschler, II
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis D. Hirschler
Marcia Hofheimer
Mike Jaffe
Ms. Gabriele Jiannas & Dr. Fred Pugh
Lee Kastner
Rabbi Neal & Jennifer Katz
Debbie Keeling
(In Honor of Karen Fine’s work on the 175th Campaign)
Bonnie & Stuart Kerner
Paul Khoury
(In Memory of Mike Cohen)
Susan & Todd Kletz
Esther & Andy Kline
Sally & Steve Kocen
Pam & Joel Kossman
Sheila & Matthew Krakower
(In Memory of Sidney Geffer & Sydel Krakower)
Cindy & Ron Kramer
Anne & Eddie Kramer
Jack Kress
Nichole & David Kushner
Daniel Laibstain
(In Memory of  Bob Seeherman)
Carol & Robert Laibstain
Erle Marie Latimer
Nancy & Jay Lazier
Ruthie & Ed Legum
Jay Legum
R. Yvonne Lerner
Nicole Luna
Rabbi Rosalin Mandelberg
B. Thomas Mansbach
Helen & Alvin Margolius
Steven Markow
(Happy Birthday Bob Liverman)
Diane McCabe
(In Memory of  Bob Seeherman)
Rona McMillan
(In Memory of Alice Friedman)
Deborah & Jerry Melstner
Amy & Mark Metzger
Jeanne & Julius Miller
Nancy L. Millstein
Marsha & Marty Moody
Debra Moore
Alyson & Christopher Morrisey
Alyssa & Jonathan Muhlendorf
The Philip & Tammy Murphy Family Foundation
(In Memory of Mike Cohen)

Dr. Norbert & Sarah Newfield
Susan & Alan Nordlinger
Nancy N. Nusbaum & V.H. Nusbaum, Jr. Donor Advised Fund
Sharon & Bill Nusbaum
Nancy & Charlie Nusbaum
Robert Nusbaum*
Old Dominion AZA Reunion
Gretchen & Ethan Ostroff
Dr. Abbey L. Pachter
Robert Pariser
Linda R. Peck
Randy & Irving Pike
Harry Pincus*
Rick Rivin
Cathy & Mike Romash
Rose & Kurt Rosenbach
Sharon & Gene Ross Donor Fund
Philip Rovner
Patricia & George Rowland
(In Memory of Helen Gifford)
Dr. Robert & Judy Rubin
Cantor Jennifer Rueben
Paula L. Russel
Edwin Salomonsky
(In Memory of Ella Salomonsky)
Terri & Lonny Sarfan
Kathy Sarlson & Family
(In Memory of Mike Cohen)
Margaret & William Sawyer
Elaine & Joash Schulman
Lisa & Neal Schulwolf
Marcia & Henry Schwan
(In Memory of Mike Cohen)
Sandy & Normie Sher
(In Memory of Mike Cohen)
Carol & Lou Sherman
Leslie & Michael Shroyer
Harriet & Richard Siff
Britt & Shelly Simon Family
Pam & Dan Snyder
Edward B. Snyder*
Caroline & Louis P. Snyder
Thomas E. Snyder Family
Deborah E. Stadlin
Richard Staub
(In Memory of Mike Cohen)
Ira Steingold
Lawrence Steingold
Steve & Nina Taubman
Seymour & Sue Ellen Teach
Alice & David Titus
Eddie Waitzer
(In Honor of Rabbi Roz’s 15th Year)
Robyn & Paul Weiner
Amy & Elliot Weinstein
Giselle & Matthew Weinstein
Valeria & Matthew Williamson
Gail Wolpin
Jeanne and Bob Zentz