Our Ohef Sholom Temple community remains one of the most Vibrant Congregations in Hampton Roads. Whether you are a Jew of the Heart, Jew of the Mind, or Jew of the Hand, we have a program or committee designed for your particular area of interest and motivation. Our Bottom Up approach to Community Involvement Projects has evolved over the years so that many of our activities are suggested by our newest volunteers and then organized into full-fledged programs. Ask.


Which best describes you?

Jews of the Heart – fine inspiration via the Services and Spirituality of Judaism.

Jews of the Mind – primarily motivated by the Philosophy and Heritage of American Reform Judaism.

Jews of the Hand – inspired by Tikkun Olam (Healing the world) and the desire to help with Community Projects and aiding those less fortunate.


It’s okay. Most of us are motiivated by more than one.