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January 3

Hebrew as a Way of Thinking
(No prior Hebrew knowledge required) 

What is Judaism?

The 10 one-hour sessions are designed to clarify how the basic values and activities of Judaism are distinct from those of other faith systems, and how they make for a joyous, purposeful and intellectually vigorous way of living. This year, three of the sessions occur just before Rosh Hashanah, during Sukkot and just before Chanukah, so we detour at those times to notice how each of these holidays fits within Jewish history and practices. 

Sunday mornings, at 10:00 am via Zoom

2020 – 2021 COURSE DATES:
Sept 13 | Oct 4 | Oct 18 
Nov 1 | Nov 15 | Dec 6 | Dec 20
Jan 3 | Jan 17 | Jan 31

Next Program:
Tu B’Shvat

January 3

Book: Tubishvat is Coming!

Wiggles & Giggles | 10:30 am

For young adults, ages 21-42. Please join us for our first virtual D’Bar Torah. Eliot Weinstein and Nina Kruger invite you to grab a beverage and join them on Zoom for Torah study and adult conversation. To join D’Bar Torah, email Nina for the Zoom link and password.

January 5 at 12 pm
January 7 at 7 pm

Ways You Can Cope During COVID-19

Please join Rabbi Roz for a gathering of OST Members only as she facilitates a few conversations on ways to cope with daily struggles, processing experiences and emotions, and discussing life in general during the coronavirus pandemic.

To join, please contact the Temple office at 757-625-4295 or RSVP at reservations@ohefsholom.org for the Zoom link.

January 12 

The Memphis 13 Film and Discussion with Director Daniel Kiel | 6:30 pm

In honor of MLK Day, please join Rabbi Roz, OST’s Adult Education Committee, and film director/University of Memphis law professor Daniel Kiel for a screening of The Memphis 13, a short documentary on the 13 African American first graders who made history in October 1961 when they desegregated Memphis City Schools.

RSVP at reservations@ohefsholom.org or call 757-625-4295 for the Zoom link.

January 13 

Zen Doodle Workshop with Ellie Cesario and the OST Sisterhood | 7:00 pm

Zen Doodles are created with Zentangles. These are easy to learn, relaxing and fun. Because they are repetitive patterns, the only requirement is a willingness to experiment and try something new. Please do not worry if you feel you lack the ability to draw – everyone can doodle! 

To participate in the workshop, please RSVP to reservations@ohefsholom.org or call 757-625-4295 for the Zoom link.

January 16

Havdalah Hootenanny | 7:00 pm

On the third Saturday of the month from 7-9 pm, join Jeanne and Bob Zentz on Zoom for a “Zing-along,” or bring your own song, read a poem, tell a story, play an instrument, share some pictures… whatever you like! Everyone takes a turn and participates as they wish, in the style of good ol’ community singing and sharing.

All ages and all folks are welcome!

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86705155820

NEST | Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team

Each year our congregation comes together to practice gemilut chassidim (deeds of loving kindness) and hakhnasot orchim (hospitality) by participating with the Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team. This year will be a little different than years past due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To see how NEST is being handled differently this year, CLICK HERE for our FAQ Sheet. To volunteer, or for more information, click below.

February 7

Sisterhood Book Club Featuring Author Jean Grainger | 2:00 pm

Join the Sisterhood Book Club and author Jean Grainger, as she comes to us live from Cork, Ireland to have a relaxed conversation on her book The Star and the Shamrock.

For more information or for the Zoom link, RSVP to reservations@ohefsholom.org.

Next Class:

NEW DATE! February 17

The Fire Next Time
by James Baldwin

Anti-Racism Course with Rabbi Roz

Racism, White Privilege and How to be an Anti-Racist:
An Ohef Sholom Temple Exploration of Ourselves
Join Rabbi Roz for a year-long reading and discussion course for 2020-2021:
Thursdays, 7 – 8:15 pm

June 25 | July 30 | August 28 
October 8 | October 29 
December 9 | February 17 
March 26 | April 22 June 3

Find the reading materials and more at

Love Thy Neighbor
A New Initiative Supporting Our Community
Through COVID-19

During this time of isolation, if you are sitting on your couch wishing you could do something to help others, we have a solution! Isaiah 32:17 teaches, “The work of tzedakah shall bring peace.” To help meet our community’s needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the OST Caring Committee has established the Love Thy Neighbor program. To learn more about this initiative and volunteer effort, or to see how you can help, click the button below.

Every Tuesday | 9:00 pm
OST D’Bar Torah via Zoom

For young adults, ages 21-42. Please join us for our first virtual D’Bar Torah. Eliot Weinstein and Nina Kruger invite you to grab a beverage and join them on Zoom for Torah study and adult conversation. To join D’Bar Torah, email Nina for the Zoom link and password.

Did you miss any of Rabbi Roz’s Lunch & Learn Series? Watch every episode on our YouTube Channel!

Click the button to watch Rabbi Roz’s special Lunch & Learn series of study and discussion on how Judaism can help us navigate life in the times of the coronavirus. Topics are based on Jewish texts and commentaries and will include (in no particular order):
  • Self-care and personal relationships
  • The needs of the individual vs. the community
  • Business ethics
  • Jewish rituals and practice
  • Middot (Jewish character traits)
  • Life cycle observance 

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Stay Connected With Us on Social Media!

Though Ohef Sholom Temple’s doors are physically closed during the current coronavirus pandemic, we are working to stay spiritually and virtually connected with our OST family.

OST Wants to Know:
How are you are staying grounded to your Judaism (and sanity) during this time of self-quarantine? Whether it be through prayer, humor, games, creative videos, how-to videos, crafting, cooking, story time, mitzvah, etc., please share it via social media with the hashtag #OSTconnect. And most importantly, remember that we’re all in this together, and together we will get through this!