Shanah Tovah!

High Holidays 5782

Service Schedule

All services will be in person and can be viewed online via Facebook and here on the OST website.

Book of Remembrance

Zichronam Livracha
May the memories of our departed loved ones be a blessing.

As we approach the Jewish New Year, we remember our dear departed for the blessings they gave us. We invite you to bring to mind those you have loved and lost through our Book of Remembrance, and to let recollections of them bless us.

Submit your memory by August 31, 2021 for this year’s annual Book of Remembrance.

book of remembrance

Sukkot 5782/2021


Join us for a three-part series to learn about fellow congregants’ stories of their Journeys to Judaism.As we know, there are many ways to express our faith and live our Jewish lives. On three Shabbatot, you will have the opportunity to hear three different expressions of individual and family commitments.

August 27:
Anne Kincaid Luna
September 3:
Lauren Mehosky
September 10:
Debi Stadlin