Life & Legacy

Assuring Jewish Tomorrows

"As others planted for me, so I am planting for the generations who come after me."

These words are the response of an old man to a youth who asked why he was planting a carob sapling whose fruit would take seventy years to appear.

Generation after generation, our heritage has been carefully and lovingly preserved at Ohef Sholom Temple by those who came before us. The fruit of their labors has provided us a treasured locale that functions as a place of worship, a gathering space, a cultural learning venue, a center for community outreach, and a historical site all in one. This house – our house – is the legacy planted by preceding generations and it is up to us to continue that legacy, ensuring that Ohef Sholom Temple is, and always will be, “A House of Prayer For All Peoples,” including our children, our grandchildren, and all generations to come.

Leaving a legacy gift is easy and anyone can participate, regardless of age, wealth  or affiliation. Your commitment today will ensure our Jewish community a vibrant tomorrow. To arrange a confidential, no-obligation discussion, please reach out to our LIFE & LEGACY Chair, Matthew Fine at or call the Temple office at 757-625-4295.

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