Celebrate Passover with Us!
March 28, 2021 at 6:00 pm

Virtual Seder via Zoom

We may not be able to gather together, but we can still be together for Second Seder! Join us for an interactive Virtual Seder through the magic of Zoom video conferencing. We will come together virtually from home to celebrate our freedom as a community. Bring your own seder plate and we will bring the Haggadah! Our Virtual Seder can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone. You can even call from a landline. Join us for this creative take on our ancient tradition!

Click the button below to re-watch our Virtual Passover Seder & Haggadah on YouTube!

Find the Afikomen!

Find the Afikomen

Take a picture of yourself pointing to the afikomen on your screen and post it in the
Afikomen Photo Dump Post on our OST Facebook page. Give us a “thumbs up” when you’ve found it!
For more fun, see if you can find all of the characters! Download the Character List Here.

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Looking for More Fun Passover Activities?

Download our “Getting Ready for Passover” packet and start crafting, learning, cooking, and doing fun Passover activities today! 

Passover Cooking
with Larry Adler

Can you believe Passover is right around the corner? Do you have your menus planned yet?
On Sunday, March 21st, join Larry Adler on Zoom from 4-6pm as we prepare our Passover meals. Larry will demonstrate Chopped Liver, Chicken Soup with Matzah Balls, Homemade Horseradish, and Meatballs and Cabbage.

Order Seder Dinners from

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Still missing Ohef Sholom’s annually catered Congregational Second Seder?
Disappointed that you’ll miss out on all the delicious food served at our Seder dinners?

Don’t worry! Our caterer, Brutti’s, will be offering home delivery meals again this year for Passover from their online ordering site. Pre-order your Seder dinner online between Monday, March 8 – Tuesday, March 23 at 5:00 pm! Brutti’s also offers vegan and vegetarian options, as well as gluten-free meals.

Click Here for More Information and to Get a Sneak-Peek at the Menu

Order Dates: 
Monday, March 8 – Tuesday, March 23 @ 5:00pm

Delivery/Pickup Date: 
Saturday, March 27

Delivery Information: 
11:00am – 1:00pm
$35 minimum order

Pickup Information:
Brutti’s Catering Kitchen
11:00am – 1:00pm
No minimum order

Ohef Sholom Parking Lot
11:00am – 1:00pm
$15 minimum order

Additional Resources for Passover

Passover Seder at Home

Curated Resources for Passover


YouTube Webinar Video

The Art of Virtual Gathering: Passover 2020

Passover Family Activities


Passover (Pesach)


Resource Roundup:

Tools, Tips, and How-Tos for Livestreaming and Other Virtual Gatherings from

here for (powered by OneTable)

Everything you need for a virtual seder in one place

Google Doc

Virtual Seder Resources
a grassroots Google doc with diverse resources

Seder on Sefaria

Seder and Passover activities to use while sheltering in place

Google Doc

The Minimalist’s Guide to Passover and Seder
from Anshe Shalom B’nai Israel Congregation (Chicago)

Ruth's Mix

A way to welcome everyone to your Seder table, and honor the growing diversity of the Jewish People

Guide to Passover for Interfaith Families

PDF document from 18 Doors

A Different Pesach: Ideas for the Solo Seder

a “choose-your-own adventure” style of celebrating Seder for those celebrating on their own this year (PDF)

Downloadable Resources to Incorporate into Your Seder and During Passover

The Four Children and Covid-19

A conversation for your seder table (PDF)

The Four Questions

For Making A Difference From a Distance by Repair the World, from

Jewish Holidays in a Box:

Passover Seder Steps

Jewish Holidays in a Box:

5 Super-Simple, Kid-Friendly Passover Breakfasts and Lunches

Digital Haggadahs

Make Your Own Haggadah


Free Haggadah Download

a fun, non-traditional, simple, short, easy seder from

A PJ Library Family Haggadah


Velveteen Rabbi's Haggadah for Pesach

A non-denominational haggadah with a lot of readings in English, transliterations for Hebrew text and good jumping-off points for discussion, from

Next Year In A Just World

the American Jewish World Service offers a Global Justice Haggadah to bring social justice to your Seder table, from

My People's Passover Haggadah Vol 1:

Traditional Texts, Modern Commentaries by David Arnow

My People's Passover Haggadah Vol 2:

Traditional Texts, Modern Commentaries by David Arnow

The Jewish World Family Haggadah

This glossy Haggadah is beautifully illustrated with photographs that show Jewish diversity, by Zion Ozeri.

Haggadah Companion (PDF)

Meditations and Readings by Alden Solovy

Cookbooks and Recipes

Passover Seders Made Simple

A cookbook and guide to planning the menu at your seder
by Zell Schulman.

No Cholesterol Passover Recipes

A vegan Passover cookbook that conforms to strict Ashkenazi Passover kashrut guidelines
by Debra Wasserman 

Passover Recipes by 18Doors

Check out all of the fun Passover recipes compiled over the years