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Did you know that when you pay Temple dues & donations with a credit card, you are also assessed a 3% fee? This fee goes directly to the banks and credit card companies. This fiscal year, payments made to the Temple by personal credit cards will exceed $100k in revenue, resulting in over $3,000 in credit card fees, some would say, money “thrown away”. Your annual OST Membership, when paid with a credit card, produces enough fees for almost a month’s worth of Starbucks’ coffee! Past Temple President, Ted Kaufman, says, “I believe most of our credit card paying members don’t realize the amount being wasted on bank fees and would prefer to either keep the money or, better yet, apply it to a good cause at our Temple?” Rabbi Roz elaborates: “Avoiding credit card fees, individually or collectively, and redirecting that money to the Temple, could go to supporting prayer books, scholarships, community service, office supplies or a Temple fund of your choice.” For example, revenues applied to bank fees just this year could have purchased two computers or enough supplies to operate the Soup Kitchen for ten nights.

So what is the alternative to paying by credit card? Write a simple check to OST when you pay your dues, rather than charging them. Better yet, If you are paying your dues, donations and related Temple costs manually or by credit card, contemplate switching over to automatic (ACH) withdrawals from your bank.  Automatic payments can be arranged easily with the Temple office. This hassle-free method incurs no additional fees for you or the Temple. You can indicate a monthly or quarterly payment for your convenience.

Complete and return to the Temple office or via email to

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